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VR Playtime Per Station

10 minutes  -  $10       *max 3 game changes

15 minutes  -  $13       *max 3 game changes

30 minutes  -  $25       *unlimited game changes

45 minutes  -  $35       *unlimited game changes

60 minutes  -  $50       *unlimited game changes

A New World VR is here to provide you the opportunity to view our world in a new way and how it can be experienced with virtual reality. Come play arcade/educational games or visit Europe at our Ocean Beach VR Center. With hundreds of experiences available you could become a space pirate, take a helicopter tour in New York, chop fruit, picnic in Italy, and so much more.  Experience A NEW WORLD on your terms TODAY and for free. 

Then, discuss with us how you can participate and profit from this extraordinary technology being provided to the public.

Virtual Reality Pricing